My name is Piotr, a passionate pythonista and this is my blog!

    Hi, I'm Piotr

    Posted at — Nov 2, 2018

    Today is the day when I’m starting my programming blog.

    My name is Piotr Rogulski. I’m Python developer and new technology enthusiast. Currently I’m working in a company named stanwood, an awesome and fully remote company with people all over the world.

    Why am I starting this blog?

    I always wanted to do something more than just work. I did a lot of small projects, tried thousends new technologies and solved a lot of problems without even noting it.

    In this blog I’m going to describe all of those things above and post them here.

    What is my technology stack?

    1. Python programming language
    2. Web development and devops
    3. Bots development (Slack, Messanger, Alexa, Google Home, telegram, etc…)
    4. Google Cloud Platform
    5. AWS
    6. Various CI and CD setups