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Jul 4, 2022
How to delete kubernetes stuck CRD deletionEasy way to unblock kubernetes Custom Resource Definition delete action when it is frozen
May 2, 2022
Handle python versions and virtualenv like a pro! (including Apple M1)Work with pyenv/virtualenv/virtualenvwrapper without struggling on Apple M1
May 1, 2022
Install psycopg2-binary on Apple M1 siliconSet up postgresql with psycopg2 on M1 silicon
Jan 24, 2022
Django multi-select choice field in admin panelDifferent ways to create a multi-select field with custom choices as array or JSON field
Jan 22, 2022
Using DynamoDB with FastAPIHow to build an app using FastAPI and DynamoDB AWS
Oct 24, 2021
Pytest with respx and vcr! The best way to test remote service requestsQuick guide how to test remote services on httpx using respx and vcr